NEW DB4 test bench

DB4 is the new generation test bench fully automatic with compact design, optimized to test motorcycles, cars and mtbs suspensions. Thanks to its engine power of 4Kw, it allows to perfectly set-up front forks and rear shocks of every manufacturer with a wide range of speeds and loads, having the opportunity to set different strokes. Its vanguard features allows to see in real time force-speed graph, to check different suspension settings or different shims stack configurations, to measure suspension dynamic parameters and to acquire operating anomalies.

Main Features
Engine Power 4 Kw
Three-phase 380V (also available a power transformer from 220/110V to 380V)
Load Cell till 5000N
Software easy to use
Stroke from 15 to 100 mm
Max Speed from 300 to 2000 mm/s
Min Speed from 9.5 to 63 mm/s
Weight 210 Kg
Depth 424 mm
Height (including bars) 1650 mm
Bars height 1150 mm
Width 830 mm



1-Having an Andreani Suspension Test Bench increases the prestige, the efficiency of the service and the credibility of the center towards the end customers, something very important nowadays

2-Allows to perform effective and accurate tests on suspensions

3-Allows to test and understand how external Adjustments react to suspension performance

4-All tests are reported on graphs and are no longer a rider's impression!

5-All set-up modifications you make will be documented, so you will avoid improvising and depend on the pilot's only comment


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