The V-Twin

The V-Twin

Since the first, Harley Davidson models have always been seen as a motorcycle suited to tourism , to out of town trips, travelling in relax and perhaps in company, to share a passion that is difficult to explain . Today it is still the same, but the new generation of Harley riders are becoming more demanding and require more attention both esthetics and safety by pushing the House of Milwaukee to introduce new technologies not well seen by all users of the long course : ABS , Traction Control , mixed oil / air cooled ... Moreover, the clientele has changed , and Harley has done nothing but adapt to the new trend .

From these premises we have started our project, developed together with Öhlins and dedicated to historical US custom, to make them riding more enjoyable and safer. Make a dedicated range of suspension able to improve comfort and riding dynamicity was not easy , but the attendance of the background and the support of fans of the black / orange manufacturers interested not only to look but also to all aspects concerning the bike’s setting , has allowed us to create a fantastic line of Öhlins products dedicated to the V -Twin people, qualitatively in line with other products that have made the Swedish House the global benchmark in the field of forks and shock absorbers . Including suspensions dedicated to Touring models who suffer most the frame deficiencies

Now we are constantly updated on everything related to the Harley - Davidson world , and we work every day to give value to your bike because your is also our passion .

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